I am mostly a web developer,
but also a hobbyist cook, writer, photographer and traveler.

Web Projects

These are only my pet-projects or projects I worked as a freelancer, some have reached their end-of-life. I have more than 13 years of experience in developing software, mostly backend, working for projects that range from ERP to Newsroom.

To see a full list of projects I have been involved with, please check my résumé on my .

Sociedade Budista do Brasil

In progress

Vegetarian Dogs

Community for vegan dog owners and information

Money Forecast

Open source budget planner


I like to keep myself busy and to try new things. Even though my profession is with computer code, I like to travel around, take photos, to draw or to write things. So far I have written some books, made poor quality videos and drawn comics.
It's all made just for fun, so don't take them too serious.


Did you enjoy the books and want to say thank you? You can write me a , or if you feel generous you can buy me a gift or better yet, donate to these guys in Germany or Worldwide. And yes, you should write me with suggestions too.



Vegan, que bicho é esse? (2009)

Uma história sobre ovos (2009)

Old blogs


I'm a creative person looking for new experiences and trying to find ways to help the voiceless every day.
Passionate about web, arts, icelandic bands and vegan cooking.

From project management to a dinner with friends, you can count on me. And if you have an Animal Rights or Human Rights demo, I will probably be there!


Current location: Berlin, Germany


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